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 BORNSUN Precision Mould Technology

LOGO Interpretation
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The LOGO is just like a lotus flower that is clean though it is from silt. We went through trials, absorbed experience, made continuous transformation, and turned obstacles into the driving force. Our development process is like the growth process of the lotus flower. In the face of fierce competition, we grasp the way forward, absorb nutrition and blossom a beautiful flower.


Our company continuously cultivates the unity consciousness of staff, and is committed to R&D, all-around development and experience accumulation in the field of super-precision stamping technology. We believe that we can stand out among others in a chaotic market through integration of technology R&D and volume production. Like the bright light emitted by the box, it is powerful and brilliance. It also symbolizes that we get ready, thoroughly remould ourselves, and obtain infinite energy and development strength.


Our company specializes in R&D and the extensive application of volume production technology in the field of super-precision stamping. The six fields of technical support—super-precision terminal stamping, super-precision metal stamping, super-precision composite parts stamping, super-precision stretching parts production, super-precision commodity mould development and super-precision mould maintenance technology support are like the six triangles in the LOGO, form a firm and balanced platform, and provide a guarantee for our leading position in the field of super-precision stamping technology!


Since establishment in 2009, our company has overcome trials and challenges by virtue of a clear understanding of market needs. In the traditional stamping industry, we develop towards super-precision technology. Our particularity and uniqueness in the precision stamping market is displayed like the bright red light in the LOGO.